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spinach and tomato soup


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  • spinach and tomato soup

    This was very much an 'off the cuff' idea, and I don't know if it warrents a place here, but it turned out to be so good, so I thought I'd pass on the idea. I had enough for a large bowl each for 2 people, ideal for lunch with some crusty bread, or would probably do 4 for a 'starter'.
    Sorry it doesn't have actual quantities, I just toss things together and hope it turns out. OH wasn't convinced, until he tried it! I added the milk because it was a bit acid without. Add salt to taste, or perhaps a bit of chicken stock powder.

    spinach - can be leaves or leaves and stalks, I cut down my plants that had gone a bit leggy in the greenhouse and used those.
    chives - probably about a tablespoon, but you could probably fry a little chopped onion in some butter
    garlic - I used 2 cloves, crushed
    tomatoes - would probably be a tin pureed, I used a ' chinese take away' plastic container of frozen ones from last year.
    about 100 ml milk

    Toss the garlic, chives and spinach in a teaspoon of butter until the spinach is wilted, then add the tomatoes. Cooked until the spinach stalks are tender, then puree. Add the milk and heat through, without boiling. Taste and adjust seasoning to suit.
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