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  • dried French bean seed

    Last year I grew french beans mainly for cooking using the 'dried seeds' these I have stored in jars.
    White ones - dwarf french beans
    Black one - Cobra climbing beans
    Silly question really do I cook them please?
    I hear all kinds of scary tales of poisoning from dried beans
    I have a great baked bean recipe, can I use my white beans? if so how long do I need to soak them and do they need to 'boil' for a certain amount of time?
    also, would they grow if planted? even though I have dried them?
    there is something about these shiny little seeds that is quite lovely
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    Soak overnight.

    Empty water and boil in fresh water until the bean squashies under a fork. Takes about an hour depending on the size. Top up as if it starts to boil dry [obviously!].

    Then use in whatever you are cooking.

    Yes, they will grow if planted.


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      If you use a pressure cooker like I do its much quicker :-

      legumes and bean cooking times


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        What they said - but don't add salt untill they are tender - or the skins will toughen up. A good rolling boil for the first 10 minutes sees off any toxins. Enjoy them. I use a lot in chillies!
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          The beans in baked beans are haricot which is just a bigger white bean and in Spain they use Gigantos which is like a butter bean. Any bean will do really as all they are is cooked beans in tomato sauce. You can cook your beans as the other grapes have said and then stir into your tomato sauce.

          I use Jamie Olivers recipe for tomato sauce. 3 tins of whole plum tomatoes (the seeds can be bitter so don't chop them up), chopped onion, a whole red chilli (either cut up or just cut a slit in it and put in whole), oregano and garlic. Empty cans into pan, with rest of ingredients, bring to boil and simmer with lid on for 30 mins. Break up tomatoes at the end and pass through a sieve. He adds a bit of balsamic or sherry vinegar but I don't bother as the tomatoes can be a bit sharp. I freeze it in double portions and season and add other flavours to it when I use it.

          Most tinned tomatoes in the UK are a bit watery so I add tomato puree and a bit of sugar if it's sharp which also thickens it up. Then you can add whatever you want to make your baked beans. My Dad used to add BBQ sauce to get that smoky flavour.

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