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deep fried jalapenos


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  • deep fried jalapenos

    I just made these with some jalapenos and some large paper lantern habaneros.

    How to Make Deep-Fried Jalapeno Poppers : Interesting Recipes - YouTube

    They turned out pretty rubbish looking, as the breadcrumbs and flour mixture kept falling apart!!!!!

    Any tips to make it stick better appreciated!!

    I will taste test later, still boiling hot.

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    I shallow fry and they turn out fine.
    Le Sarramea


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      Well they taste nice!


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        Are you putting them in the fridge for at least half an hour before frying? This lets the egg set so it's less likely to fall off. you can try doing flour, egg, crumb, egg crumb to get a thicker coating then set in fridge.


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          I have seen these done on TV a few years ago they put the chillies in the freezer for about half an hour then tossed them in flour egg then breadcrumbs they said putting them in the freezer creates condensation on the chilli allowing the flour to stick to start the process

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            I've tried deep frying them a few times and they either leak, burn on the outside and semi raw peppers or they fall apart as you mentioned.

            After about half a dozen attempts I tried oven baking them. While they aren't as crispy they are consistent and much easier. Half the jalapenos, de-seed, fill with soft cheese (seasoned with whatever you like) then sprinkle breadcrumbs and put in the oven until golden on the top.


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              some good tips here for next time, thank you


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