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Had an awful night last night


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  • Had an awful night last night

    Woke at 2am with the most awful pain at the top of my tummy. It was worse when I moved or breathed and I was so frightened. Crying (which I was as I came down to find Mr D) made it worse too and didnt know what to do with myself. I rang the labour ward and they advised paracetamol and 45 mins to see if it worked and to feel if twins were moving.

    It took an hour to ease, then started up as soon as I went to go back to bed. By then only pea had def moved but I was sure pod had squirmed so wasnt too worried but of course one of them was then on a nerve and I could hardly walk! It took an hour to get to sleep (that I was aware of) and I havent been up long so I hope it hasnt zonked me too much.

    As it was quite a muscular pain, I thought it was because I had been bending down too much yesterday and what with this cough but its been suggested that pea or pods position had been making me sore and that had gotten worse till it turned into that nightmarish pain. Its so amazing that pain like that can frighten yet (for me at any rate) labour pain is worse but knowing what it is means you can turn it around and deal with it positivly - I have never been frightened in either of my two labours and can honestly say I "enjoyed" them!

    I am still ever so sore today and am glad that its Saturday as Mr D is around to help with Bluebelle and Bashfull. Thought I would share this with you all as it got me thinking - how do others deal with pain? Happy sunny Saturday to all.
    Tammy x x x x
    Fine and Dandy but busy as always

    God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done

    Stay at home Mum (and proud of it) to Bluebelle(8), Bashfull Bill(6) and twincesses Pea & Pod (2)!!!!

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    Pain is such a strange thing. Like you say, it's much easier to deal with when you know what it is/what's causing it. Deep breathing usually helps, but if that causes more pain, then Pregnancy pain can be caused easily by the little one inadvertantly pressing on goodness knows what bits of internal organs and nerves, I'm sure that must be exacerbated by having 2 of them Glad it settled down and you were able to get a bit of sleep.


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      I would phone the labour ward again for advice if you are still in pain today. It might be best they take a look at you etc, its a lot you are coping with really and may be the pressure of the babes weighing you down at the moment. Carrying twins is a wonderful thing but a strain on Mum.
      Take it easy, feet up, lots of tea.
      Hope you get to enjoy a relaxed sunny w/e.

      I have raked the soil and planted the seeds
      Now I've joined the army that fights the weeds.


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        Some pain I'm fine with,but unknown pain I think is made worse by the worrying what's causing it!
        Hope it carries on getting better.
        I too think a call to either the maternity ward or your midwife may be worthwhile,even if it's nothing to worry about it'll help to put your mind at ease.
        Take Care!xxx
        the fates lead him who will;him who won't they drag.

        Happiness is not having what you want,but wanting what you have.xx


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          Oh lovey, sorry to hear you had a rough night. You did right ringing the hospital - if you are still not right, give your midwife a ring, perhaps she could give you a check up?
          You take it easy - get your hubby to do everything today, whilst you direct operations from the sofa.
          Love Bernie and Dexter
          Bernie aka DDL

          Appreciate the little things in life because one day you will realise they are the big things


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            Take this weekend really easy and take care of yourself, Pea and Pod.


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              That sounds quite scary Tammy. You take it easy and rest up - let other people run about after you for a while.
              Happy Gardening,


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                {{{hugs}}} sorry to hear. OH also says it's aggravated if you exercise to much the day before - esp bending and lifting! Take it easy! not too long now - let others help you out. Frustrating but not worth the pain. If you still getting so sore, never mind just phoning, go to the maternity ward and get them to check it out!
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                Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.


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                  Hope you have a better night tonight - let us know how you are doing.

                  I have raked the soil and planted the seeds
                  Now I've joined the army that fights the weeds.


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                    hope you get some sleep tonight, read all on faceache too xxxx not long now hunny xx
                    Dont worry about tomorrow, live for today


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                      Take it easy, lots of rest. My babies were both too big for a shortie like me to carry and I had terrible pelvic pain and lower back pain, i do so feel for you, it can make you feel down and worried. I hope you feel more comfortable soon.


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