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Wooden windows..


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  • Wooden windows..

    Just wondering if any grapes have wooden windows in their homes and if so, how do you treat them?

    We had hardwood windows put in some time ago and we have always used Sikkens on them. I can't find any this year and the windows are pretty poor as we didn't get them done last year due to the horrid weather.

    Recommendations on something effective for stain and weatherproofing would be very welcome.

    I don't like painted wooden windows so please don't suggest that one
    Happy Gardening,

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    Why not give them a ring as to who stocks their products near you- they may work on Saturdays- failing that Monday!

    It's awful when you can't get hold of a product you're happy with isn't it? We use to use Langlo ( sp??) on our shed - and after several years couldn't find anywhere loal which sold it . Shed never looked the same once we'd used something else!
    Oh well- no shed now!

    Good luck!
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      Cheers Nicos, I didn't think to google.

      Thinking of changing to something a bit more robust though as I can't always manage to get to the top windows. Wondering if varnish is the way to go for durability.
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        Varnish! Our last house had wooden frames. Landlord varnished them once every five years if they needed it or not. I'd stick with a preserving oil, as it penetrates instead of just coating and flaking off. Would teak oil (for decking and outdoor furniture) do the trick. It's easy to get at GCs and DIY shops.

        But what do I know?
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          I dunno how compatibility works as far as what's already on there goes - but what about looking at some of the non-varnish products used on wooden deck fittings on sailing yachts?

          You'd struggle to find a house that had to put up with a harsher environment than that.

          The one drawback, of course, is that some marine paints/varnishes/treatments are so toxic you need something resembling a hazmat suit to read the instructions... let alone to use them!


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            Have you checked out the Sadolin range, Shirl? Their varnish was highly rated when I used it for my front door many moons ago. I just re-apply a new coat with minimal fuss, and this tin has lasted me two decades so far.
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              if it were me on hardwood windows, i would rub them back to bare wood then three coats of sikens, you can pick your colour/shade, they will last five years near as damit, if you have a lot of trees near then this will reduce to three years, as the spors get into the stain/paint.


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                most dulux centres supply sikens. or order direct and they will send it out. i allways get my clients to use this product , its far more durable than other products though more expensive
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