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Penine kitchen and garden


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  • Penine kitchen and garden

    Has anyone bought the dvd's?
    I had one free with a mag once, good/bad - very amateur in it's filming and editing. Did it get any better?
    Question asked in light of recent postings about veg and fruit growing programs on the television.

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    Hi Hf, if you use the "excellent search facility" (!) you'll find a little discussion about this. I was considering asking for it as a gift from my family, but on the advice of other grapes on here, decided against it as it as the opinion was that isn't very good. There was a recommendation of a DVD, but it escapes my memory at the minute. A search should reveal.
    Granny on the Game


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      I was thoroughly put off buying the rest of the series (even at the half price offer) by that first free DVD. Too much of that chap waffling on, and not nearly enough demonstrations. Though in fairness, it was a story of their life and lifestyle, not an instructional 'how to' DVD.

      I'd rather buy the 'Victorian Kitchen Garden' on DVD I think. And I already have 'The Big Dig' on video.
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        hmmm FF, I seem to remember that post - just wondered if there was any more recent info. (think I may have even posted on it myself)
        Victorian Kitchen and garden - BRILLIANT!


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