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    For all those Bloggers out there, there is a new stats button in your dashboard. You have to click on Blogger in Draft at the bottom of the page first.

    There are lots of stats, but here are just some to show where my visitors are from.
    United Kingdom 780
    France 555
    United States 325
    Slovenia 72
    Canada 58
    Ireland 56
    Australia 13
    New Zealand 11
    Kenya 11
    Latvia 10

    It's amazing to see where visitors are from. Check it out.

    Mr TK
    Mr TK's blog:
    2nd Jan early tomato sowing.

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    Thanks TK; my google analytics never works properly and it is interesting to see if people ever read it...might make me blog more often.


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      Here are a few more stats I found, which even shows that someone even viewed froma Blackberry!

      Pageviews by Operating Systems

      Windows 1,706 (86%)
      Macintosh 184 (9%)
      X11 58 (2%)
      iPhone 19 (<1%)
      iPad 5 (<1%)
      iPod 4 (<1%)
      BlackBerry 1 (<1%)

      My stat counter that I had added before was meant to show just visits, but I think it is showing page views, so is not really a real view of my visitors, so no wonder it was going up so fast . lol.


      I think visits are related to posting, I do tend to visit blogs that I follow only when they do a new post. So get posting Gal.
      Last edited by Tomatoking; 25-07-2010, 07:09 PM.
      Mr TK's blog:
      2nd Jan early tomato sowing.

      Video build your own Poly-tunnel


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        Cool, thanks for that info, makes for interesting readin!
        Suzanne (aka Mrs Dobby)

        'Garden naked - get some colour in your cheeks'!

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