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Where should I post my question?


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  • Where should I post my question?

    Vegging Out is for vegetable specific queries, such as 'Why is my sweetcorn not growing?' It is not for questions about soil improvement, fruit, weather etc.

    Feeling Fruity is for any questions relating to fruit, whether tree, soft or stem.

    New Shoots is for beginner gardeners to ask anything at all. No worries about 'stupid questions' - we all started somewhere, and the answers help everyone.

    Allotment Advice is for questions about allotments including acquiring, clearing, layout, allotment law, committees etc., and can also be used to post queries about the structure and clearing of home-based veg plots.

    Undercover Operations is for any discussions about growing undercover, including cloches, greenhouses and polytunnels.

    Digging Around is for questions about soil, compost, fertilizer, manure, green manure etc.

    Weeds, Pests and Diseases is for all of the 'what's been eating my...? ' questions, the 'what is this weed?' questions, and the 'What's this on my,..? ' questions.

    Hope this helps members to find their way around the forums. If a thread seems to be in the wrong place, moderators will occasionally move it to the correct place in order to keep the site flowing smoothly. We will attach a 'redirect' to the thread for a short while to assist members, once this has expired you can find your own threads/posts by clicking 'Settings' at the top and "View all Subscribed Threads', or by clicking 'My Profile' and then choosing 'View posts" on the left.

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