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    Originally posted by Nicos View Post
    Nah...harrybrew69 could make use of him!!
    well ive got a bean trench with nothing to go in it now so send him over
    The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.


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      I'd dig it out since its only March. How long till its in full growth and you get a few dry days that are woth spraying it? 2 months?
      Direct action with a good fork will sort it out straight away and keep it out of sight for a couple of months. As soon as it re-appears just loosen all the soil around the new growth with the fork and pull out as much of it as you can, often 4-5 strands about 12" long. Each time you do this you are depleting the ain roots and the new growth comes back weaker and weaker.
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        i'm collect waste to put in my own bean trench so I am saving him for myself :O) sorry.

        Thanks for giving me the idea though its alot less work than digging up the patio.
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          I double dug last spring as a first preparation and got out as many roots of this and other nasties as possible. If any crops up I just pull it out as I go along. I won't be spraying as I don't see the need and anyway, it's another thing you need to spend money on.

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            Originally posted by smallfrog View Post
            I have made beds at present so i can always spray a bed and leave it. How long do you wait between spraying and putting a crop into the sprayed bed?
            Personally, I spray repeatedly over a season until the beginning of August if necessary (for really stubborn weeds). Then plant at the beginning of the next season and manually weed from then on.

            I think 6 weeks is the minimum time you have to leave.

            Originally posted by smallfrog View Post
            To go on a bit more glyphosate how toxic is it to use. I'm pregant in fact bout6 mths.
            Some things are too important. If there's any doubt in your mind that glyphosate might be unsafe then keep away for a year or so. In the very unlikely event that something bad were to happen, you don't want that playing on your mind. Get the OH to "weed for two" when it gets to the point that you can't

            Though whatever you do, I think it's better to eat your own food where you know what chemicals have been used rather than eat supermarket food where you just don't know what you're eating.

            Originally posted by smallfrog View Post
            Pregant and weeding i can handle
            Come back in 10 weeks and tell us that


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