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Waterlogged plot and potatoes


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  • Waterlogged plot and potatoes

    I'm desparate to get the rest of my potatoes in (a mix of first, second and main crop) but we've had so much rain recently that the bed I've prepared for them is completely waterlogged with no prospect of drying out in the next few days and I'm away next weekend.

    I'm tempted to put them in tomorrow come rain or shine but I'm worried that they will rot, but on the other hand will 2 weeks from now (the next chance I'll have to spend serious time) be pushing it for getting some decent growth?

    Advice would be appreciated.


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    How waterlogged is waterlogged? If the water is pooling on the surface then it is definitely too wet. Is it a raised bed or not?


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      If the ground is waterlogged, I'd be tempted to put them in tubs or bags.
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        Waterlogged is VERY waterlogged, although no water is pooling on the top of the bed itself (it's not raised) as this has been dug and raked over, it is pooling on the ground nearby which has not been dug over. This is a "virgin" bed which had been covered by polythene for the last 18 months after not having been cultivated for at least 10 years.

        I don't really have the room or resources to use tubs or bags although I do have a couple of each variety in a bucket at home. (we use a LOT of potatoes) and it would seem a a lot of work to put them in containers on the allotment when the reason I got it was to grow stuff in the ground.

        I really want to know whether I would be better waiting till it's drier even if it sets things back for a bit.


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          Leave it a few days ...
          Although I think it's going to rain for a week.

          The man who just delivered my straw told me they used to grow spuds in straw. Put the straw down, add spuds and earth up.
          The straw breaks down by the summer.
          I reckon it'd soak up some water too.


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            I'm in the same boat. On the plus side i was planning on creating a wildlife pond, now it seems i won't have to.


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