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Peaches and Plums


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  • Peaches and Plums

    I was recently given fruit by a friend from trees in her garden, and so thought I would plant the seeds and see how they go!

    4 weeks later, the plums have not sprouted yet but I will wait, as for the peaches I have 2 lovely little plants (1 inch and 3 inches high). My problem is that the more I have read on the net, I am told that I should chill seeds for up to 3 months, if not, I will get no fruit..

    As I have only just started, I am not particulary worried if they do not, but just wondered if anyone else has had success growing plums or peaches from seed. (don't think they are F1)
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    Relax! Chilling requirements are all about germination - a battle you have already won - and have no bearing on whether the resulting plant will fruit or not.

    I germinated 5 peach stones in winter 2013-14. Four of them have never done anything, the fifth has blossomed the last 2 springs. Last year the resulting fruitlets dropped off very early, this year I got two perfectly edible nectarines (the stones were definitely from peaches, the mutation is very common).

    PS just realised this is a 2005 post!
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      ^^^never mind! interesting response nevertheless!

      Funnily enough I've just picked the first 2apples which have reached maturity from a pip I grew over 15 years ago.
      It was a pip from one of 2 unknown variety of trees in Somerset. One had enormous red, sweet, soft white fleshed fruit and the other one was tart and darker red skinned.
      I've waited all this time to see if it's come true ..which variety it is, or if it is a cross.
      Looks like it's the former which has really pleased me!
      Lets hope this is the first of many in years to come!

      Be interesting trying a peach or nectarine from a stone...sadly we get peach leaf curl badly every year so not really worth trying.
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        Same here with peach leaf curl, I have to keep them in pots under cover. Your apple achievement is seriously impressive; I have always suspected you get reasonable fruit from seedling apples more often than is usually suggested, going by the trees one finds beside roads and motorways which presumably result from discarded cores.


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