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'Harrummph!' to the frost!


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  • 'Harrummph!' to the frost!

    Well! Those 2 fig trees I bought 10 days ago, that I potted up on the day I bought them (very good for me) have been frosted! We were away over the weekend and got back last night; when I went out today they were looking a little sorry for themselves and all 'wilty'. There are a couple of new tiny leaves which actually look ok: will they also succumb once the death process kicks in, or does the fact that they still look ok mean I haven't completely lost the plants?
    I've put them in the coldframe for now, since it's supposed to be cold again tonight. Will they be safe there? I'm feeling a little peeved with the weather and feel that there's little point sowing stuff whilst it's so cold!

    From a grumpy Waffler!

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    Doesn't sound too good Waffler
    Older trees can tolerate some frost - but youngsters........

    Fingers crossed that a bit of TLC might just pull them through- it'll take a few more weeks to see the real damage.
    ( my baby blueberry from Lidl has slowly gone brown over the past couple of weeks too)

    Time will tell.... ( although I think I'd be tempted to bring them indoors for a few days to de-stress)
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      Some hardy fig trees will resprout from under the soil - so cut back the frost damaged growth and wait and see, I reckon. Do you know the variety?

      I wouldn't bring stuff in from cold to hot, its too much for them to cope with (as my now ex-over-wintered chillis found out)...keep them frost free though.
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        I don't know the variety unfortunately - they were Wilko's best: just called 'fig'! I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.


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          Figs are very hardy and are fine under frost, even small ones in pots. Don't worry.


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