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...and blackberries


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  • ...and blackberries

    Was also wondering whether anyone had tried growing a blackberry plant in a pot, and also whether you knew how to 'reuse/recycle' a cutting/plant from the wild...

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    Peg the tip of one of the brambles down & it will root. You might want to do it in a pot to make it easier to move.

    As to growing in a pot, I've got one that a bird has planted for me
    Never be afraid to try something new.
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      Believe me it's not hard. I've spent 15 years trying to get rid of them.

      Just drop a berry on a bit of ground where normally nothing would stand a chance. Turn your back for 5 minutes then when you give a startled glance behind you because something has smacked you hard between the shoulder blades and blocked out the Sun whilst lacerated your leg don't be suprised.
      It's Godzilla the Blackberry thicket.
      The plus side is you'll have no problems ensuring an active old age. You'll be fighting it back until you die.
      You'll also be sick of Blackberry Jam.
      If anyone says 'Summer Pudding' in your hearing you will vomit into the nearest receptacle.


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        40 years ago my father burned a blackberry bush to get rid of it because i was getting shredded every time my ball went into it. This year it came back, you would not believe how big and strong in such a short time, so i also suggest you keep it in a pot, dont let it escape a blackberry bush is for life not just for christmas.

        Aunt Sally


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          Many thanks, will try it in a pot at the bottom of the garden and hope not to cause a partial eclipse or (permanently) scar the children...


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            Originally posted by Molly View Post
            Many thanks, will try it in a pot at the bottom of the garden and hope not to cause a partial eclipse or (permanently) scar the children...
            Take my word, even if you put it in a pot it will grow out og the bottom and root in the ground. I,ve been there and experienced it.

            And when your back stops aching,
            And your hands begin to harden.
            You will find yourself a partner,
            In the glory of the garden.

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              Their are loads of wild blackberries in the hedgerows which can be picked for free!
              I can understand growing a thornless one or a named variety of even one which has a sentimental value, but a wild one!!!

              Seriously, don't let me put you off if thats what you want to do, go for it
              My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
              to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

              Diversify & prosper


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                Put it in a pot and give it somthing to climb, AND DONT TURN YOUR BACK FOR A SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!
                The other option is to send your kids to our house to pick all ours,
                that way they get scarred and get enough blackberrys to make jam etc, with out the work.
                and dont say we didnt warn you when your post next year reads, help how do i get rid of my blackberrys.
                Yo an' Bob
                Walk lightly on the earth
                take only what you need
                give all you can
                and your produce will be bountifull


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                  Hopefully, it's not too late - DON'T DO IT!

                  I'm not saying I know much about allotment/gardening but having just taken on a plot full of blackberries they take a lot to get rid of - and I have the scars and tetanus jab to prove it. And I know they'll be growing back with renewed vigour next year. And they are just as lethal to pick.


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                    So do you just plant the fruit?


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