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Which Compost to use?


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  • Which Compost to use?

    Hi All,

    I am hoping that one or two of you fruities can help me. I usually grow veg and so fruit is all new to me. I have a small blueberry (Herbert) doing very well indeed in ericacious compost in an 18 inch container. But I have got two other plants which I bought on impulse at the weekend ( yes I know, but they needed me ), I have a gooseberry and a blackcurrant which both state that they grow to appx 4 foot, and are ideal for containers.

    My question is, do I use standard or ericacious compost? also what do I feed them and when?

    I know that this may sound simple but I just want to get it right to give me a good chance of success.


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    I would be inclined to use a mixture of multi purpose and john innes about 50/50 with plenty of crocks or shingle in the bottom of the pots for drainage.


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      So nothing special then, OK I shall get on with it on Saturday.

      Thanks Paul




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        Hi DW,

        I must admit I like John Innes as as they are going to be 4ft high the extra weight from the compost will help to stop them toppling over. Also JI is easier to use as the loam content acts as a buffer so you don't need to be quite om precise with the feed and it's easier to water.

        Added to that the fact that you won't be moving them around a lot.
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          Thanks Nick,

          Moving them around is not a problem really, ( I'm a Big un, so no hassle ) But it makes sense about the feeding, watering.
          I will apply a mulch of gravel to help with water retention in summer also.



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            Get some clay into the mix. It works wonders for moisture retention because it locks up humus, and stops large amounts of these molecules from being leached out of compost. The humus intern holds moisture in place.


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              Thanks for asking the question DWR. I'm hoping to do fruit this year for the first time and was wondering about using containers as I have quite an alkaline soil and not sure where I want to plant them yet. What size containers are you proposing to use?
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