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Cross-pollination between peach, nectarine and almonds


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  • Cross-pollination between peach, nectarine and almonds

    I am thinking of buying all 3 and the space available they would have 2 be next 2 one and enother so i am wonderind can they pollinate each over to produce some mutant fruit.
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    If almonds are pollanated by another type of tree they are bitter, or so I am told.

    Not sure about the other way around.


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      Yes, apparently, cross-pollination between peach, nectarine, almond and plum can cause some unusual tasting fruits to develop.

      All three are potentially troublesome to grow - leaf curl, pollination and frost being serious problems.


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        Gramdma has a pluot tree (plum x apricot) and the fruit is heavenly!! She lives in southern Oregon where they get about 3 feet of snow every winter and weeks of 40+ degrees in the summer, English weather shouldn't be to hard for it.
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          It's not so much the extent of the winter freeze or the summer heat that can spoil certain types of fruit tree, but the fact that British spring is notorious for feeling like summer in late February and then plunging back to arctic temperatures/snow/late frosts in March-April.
          It's the late frost when blossom is open that is the main problem, but also a cool spring can mean very few pollinating insects available.

          I was also under the impression that the UK's notoriously dull and damp climate are the main cause of fungal attack (such as leaf curl) on peaches and almonds.


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            Peaches and almonds are not compatible. Your almonds will all be bitter. If you want almonds then plant nectarine and apricot. Otherwise stick to nectarine, apricot and peach. You can also have a 3 fruit family tree. Also check locally (if possible) to make sure there are no peach trees around for the almond and if in doubt keep your almond in a pot and when it is flowering keep it under cover and polinate it with a brush.

            I have peaches and nectarines but my apricots are the tastiest and I am at 650metres with snow and freezing temperatures in winter. I always run around with a brush or Q-tip when they are flowering to heop the bees do their job!

            Enjoy the challenge.



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              In spain i dont think they flower at theame time peaches and almonds even though they are grown in different areas


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                Originally posted by ophiopogon View Post
                In spain i dont think they flower at theame time peaches and almonds even though they are grown in different areas
                The almonds in Almeria started blossoming a few weeks ago, and peaches wont for a while thats how the spanish get round it......not much help sorry.
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