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Medlar Trees - information sought please!


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  • Medlar Trees - information sought please!


    Have always liked the idea of getting one, and as it happens I now have a space for one (possibly) in the front garden. (Due to a big rhododandron kicking the bucket over the winter)
    I have done some research on google, but it is all very confusing - for example, some web sites say the rootstock will effect overall height/spread etc (logical) but dont specify anything other than that. There are different types of medlar but cant find out anymore than some are larger and some weeping etc.
    Some sites say they are small trees (but not how small??)
    When I took at nurseries who sell them (as a guideline) it doesnt say what rootstock or how big they will get. Mainly just about the fruit (which I only need to know once)

    Can someone point me in the direction of a clear site, where I can make an informed decision please? Or a book or anything.

    Does anyone here have one? What is your opinion of them?

    Thanks for your help all

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    We have a 'weeping' one in our community orchard. It's very old but it's very big - easily 3 metres across, so I think you would definitely need a dwarfing rootstock unless you have a really big space.

    It's a beautiful tree though and I'd love one of my own!
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