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Alpine strawberries (from seed) help please!


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  • Alpine strawberries (from seed) help please!

    I sowed a load of alpine strawberries in a heated propagator and they are not coming up. They have been there 2 weeks now. They are in the lightest part of the house I can find.

    Am I doing something wrong here, or do they just take a while to emerge?



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    I sowed mine in a tray covered in cling film (no extra heat) and they were up in a week. I was quite surprised as they're supposed to take a while. Did you cover them or just sprinkle on the surface. I think I barely covered mine.


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      I sowed mine on 23 Jan and according to my records they were starting to come through by 30th Jan in a heated propogator so yours do sound a bit tardy. Are they old seed as I've had problems in the past if the seed isn't fresh?

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        With fresh seed they usualy germinate quickly if kept warm about 27C , at 10C it can be a month or more , with older seed you need to break its dormancy by freezing the seeds for a month before planting
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          Put mine from oldberrys from LSD year just in base of plant pot that I found so thought I'd experiment and so read that you should not put hardly any compost on top as they are very tinny seeds .mine were in plastic green house unheated in garden just moistened and lidded with cling film they took about 10 days before they popped up have loads about 100 so looks like when there big enuff to re pot the whole family will be gettin alpine plants for presents this year
          My year log of growthhttp://
          up dated blog 27th june ..pls read if u have the time


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