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  • (STRAWBERRY) not where were going, where we have been

    this is a little experiment i am running, using a (male) fragaria chiloensis and a (female)
    fragaria virginiana, the chiloensis from south america and the virginiana from north america, these are the parents of the modern day strawberry, i grew 1 row about 25 plants of the virginiana, sandwiched with rows either side of chiloensis plants using open pollinated method i collected seed from female parent and grew out seedlings, a lot of seedlings lol i found 2 seedlings didnt match the female parent in anyway and resembled more of a modern day strawberry (more chiloensis looking in plant sturdyness, leaf colour and thickness) the suprise was when the 2 plants fruited and produced the pink berries when ripe, i have sent information to east malling fruit, strawberry experts in america, and europe and all came back with the same results, i re created one of the original strawberries, she is pictured alongside madame moutot(red strawberry) and anablanca (white strawberry)
    at the minute im growing around 150-200 types of strawberry, ive lost count, these are one of my favourites, the berry labled fragaria virginiana year 3 is the hybrid (something similar to the original strawberry) not massive by todays standards, colour is rather pale, but without something like this, we would be without all the strawberries we know and love,
    take care stewart
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