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  • 1st time grape vine

    hi all,
    I have been looking into growing a single strawberry vine grapevine in an old bath tub in my back garden up against a south facing walland was wondering if anyone had tried growing vines in pots and any probs I might come across ,the only concern I have is will the roots have enough room ,any thoughts or tips will be very helpfull,thanks,much love

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    A bath tub sounds nice and generous Robert. So long as you keep the soil rich and watered (leave the plug in?) I think it'll do OK.
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      thanks will ,haha no I don't think ill leave the plug in ,I`ll put a good inch of gravel and stones in the base then fill it up with a compost soil mix and let it do its thing ,thanks


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        'Grapevines tend to have deeper and less dense root systems than many other plants, so it's important to plant grapes in deep soils whenever possible. The health of a grapevine plant is often an indicator of its root growth. Grapevine root systems also vary somewhat, depending on the variety of grape.'

        Grapevine Root Systems | Home Guides | SF Gate

        Quoted since I don't have the brain power today to make up my own sentences.


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          I read Grapes are drought tolerant after 7 years because they have such a deep taproot,
          So maybe it won't be deep enough.


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