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  • Peach tree

    I have a peach tree that I've grown from a peach stone, about 10 years ago. Although I have a very nice little tree (about 3-4ft high), not once has it had any flowers, let alone fruit. At first I kept it in the greenhouse, but have kept it outside against a sunny wall for the last 2 seasons. What am I doing wrong?

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    Hi there, i was wondering if this was possible, i have taken the seed from a peach and going to try and germinate it IS possible to get at least a tree out of it?!
    check out the progress of my first plot ...


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      Nearly all fruit trees are grafted for this exact reason onto a rootstock which controls its vigour. Most stone fruit grown from, well the stones, can be very temperamental in their fruiting and growth habits.

      Your little tree may eventually flower and fruit but if you want it to be guaranteed, buy a named variety from a specialist supplier.


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        Thanks Piglet. Ah well, I'll just enjoy my little tree as it is.


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          peach tree

          It could be that you need to prune your tree to stimulate flowering. Peaches flower on previous year's growth. My trees are about 2m high and flowered like crazy this year and now are covered with fruit which I have thinned to about every 10cm. I have cut off all the branch tips and there are now new shoots coming so after harvest will be able to prune out overcrowded growth.
          Most peaches come true from stones but fruit sooner when grafted.


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