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    Hi there

    I have finally persuaded my husband to remove a hawthorn tree (not a very big one, but more than a bush) and asked if I could replace it with a cherry tree.
    My problem is which variety should I choose, there are no other cherry trees in the area, My home is on the Norfolk coast so as well as the sea air it will be windy.My other problem is that we are very low lying and the water table is very high here, is there something I can add to the soil before planting to help with the drainage, How ever saying that the ground here is very fertile. Also what is the best time for me to plant one. I am torn between a Cherry Crown Morrello( or is this a cooking fruit only) and a Cherry Petit Noir, or can anyone recommend a high producing sweet black or red cherry.

    I am afraid that I know very little about Cherry trees except I just adore the fruit, and have always dreamed of owning a cherry tree.


    Swampie Sue
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    I have stella, This is its second year fruiting and is covered in fruit. It is a dessert cherry, quite large dark red fruit and is very sweet. It is self fertile so only one tree needed. Morello is a cooking cherry.
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      Check out the Ken Muir website. Plants expensive, advice excellent.


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        Plants good too - I have two Stella trees from them - and too many blinkin' Jays!
        The weeks and the years are fine. It's the days I can't cope with!


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          We have a Stella tree, which is a self fertile sweet cherry. There are newer varieties. Stella is prone to splitting when nearly ripe. I believe a variety caleed Cherokee is less susceptible. I would agree with the advice to look on the Ken Muir website for more modern varieties.

          swampie sue, whatever variety of sweet, self fertile, you decide to buy, the one absolute essential is to be able to cover the tree with netting, particularly with a 'sweet' variety. If you don't you will be feeding the local blackbirds.



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            Hi everyone

            Thanks all of you for the great advice. The hawthorn came out this morning, managed to do it just before the heavens opened. I have checked out the site and 4 of the varieties look very hopeful. Not sure whether or not to order now or see if I can get one of the varieties from a large garden centre now. Will I be able to get a cherry tree this time of the year and secondly will It be too early to plant it. Thanks for the advice about netting the tree, plenty of blackbirds around here.

            Swampie Sue
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