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  • tree help

    Hi guys,

    i have a tree in my garden and i have a few questions about it. it was there when we moved in so i have no idea what kind it is.

    The first thing is it seems to have two completely different sets of leaves and kind of looks like two different trees.

    the second is that it has one little fruit on it and i have no idea what it is? any help would be great.

    pics -

    Lots of love Lisa xxx

    First time veg grower looking to go green and in need of lots of HELP!!

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    Hi Lisa, from the leaves it does look like two different trees. What is the stem (or trunk) like? Is there just one, and the different leaves come from that? If so it could be one of the "family" fruit trees which have two or more varieties grafted onto one stem. Couldn't recognise the "fruit" from your picture, sorry


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      what did the flowers look like? im with rust lady proberbly a grafted tree, have you opened the fruit to see what its like inside?
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        thanks guys. its dark just now i will check tommorrow to see the trunk. dont want to take the fruit off as its the only one!! will see how it grows
        Lots of love Lisa xxx

        First time veg grower looking to go green and in need of lots of HELP!!


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          Hi Starbright

          Not absolutely sure but this might give you some pointers to do an internet search and compare to your plants:

          The shrub with the fruit reminds me of ornamental quince (Chaenomeles)

          The other shrub immediately made me think of Elder (Sambucus).

          I have a new to me garden too this year and it is fun trying to work out what the plants are that have appeared unprompted, but at least I didn't inherit any shrubs/trees to identify.

          All the best in your research.



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