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The Unusual Fruit Garden Plant Collection


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  • The Unusual Fruit Garden Plant Collection

    Hello fellow growers, I thought I'd drop in and say hello as I have just started my own fruit garden. After just realising I have a Tayberry tree at work (it's Huge) I decided I had to grow my own as the fruit was delicious. I have a decent back garden but with just ornamental plants / trees and a decent unused area so over the Christmas period I've had a huge clear out, made 8 large raised bed planters and went on a shopping spree trying to find other fruits and berries that (hopefully) should grow in the North East UK.

    After discovering the Tayberry at work and discovering how nice they tasted, I wanted to hunt down other fruits I haven't heard of before (generally because they aren't sold in the shops as they can't be commercially cultivated or are still native abroad) so I gathered and ordered the following list:


    Serviceberry (snowcloud)



    Japanese Wineberry


    Goji Berry

    Pink Blueberry

    Chilean Guava

    3x Blueberry variety

    2x Raspberry variety

    10x Pineberry (Hawaiian Strawberry)

    10x Strawberry

    So as you can see, quite the collection of things you wouldn't see down the shops. I am going to be documenting how well each plant grows on Youtube and I have an introduction video to the plants before I planted them here (if the link works): and I would love it if others would subscribe to my channel and follow along with the progress of some of these unusual plants as I I have uploaded all of the planting videos to here :

    If others out there have grown the above, it would be good to hear how well they have done in your general location to see how they compare to the north east where I am based, thanks for reading.
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    Link to the channel has an error and it won't save the edit, so (hopefully) here is the correct link


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      Hello UFG and welcome.
      I've grown most of the fruit on your list over the years - some more successfully than others.
      Haven't tried Serviceberry or Funberry
      If you search the Forum you'll find most of your fruits mentioned by someone.
      Where are your Kiwis??
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        Hello and welcome TUFG, Ive edited your first post to use the correct link.

        I grow tayberries, and raspberries, are you going to add supports in? Tayberries need some good wires. Are your raspberries summer or Autumn fruiting varieties, summer varieties also need some wires. it's probably best to put these in now while they are freshly planted.
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          Thanks for the replies and for fixing the link, it would let me edit but nothing happened when clicking save
          No Kiki fruit will be grown here, I have never been a fan of the fruit on the occasional time I have tried it so thats one to avoid for me.
          I do plan on putting up some trellis for the Tay & Raspberries but as they are not much more than twigs at the moment, I have plenty of time to get the trellis sorted... I still have to get another large planter made for the blueberries and unsure where to put the Guava's as yet too, this half of the garden has gone from an out of sight dumping ground to overflowing with fruit planters in a matter of less than 2 weeks


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            Hello and welcome, TUFG. Hope you have lots of success with your garden.
            Living in north-east Spain, where the sun is too hot, the rain too torrential, the hail too big, the wind too windy and the snow too deep.


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              Welcome to the forum,you have worked hard the last few days,well done,i grow autumn raspberries,no trellis,but would benefit from a support on the outside of your platers,like a poles and rope,just to keep them from flopping over the paths,Blueberry needs a different compost,ericatious and only use rain water,good luck with your growing,plus pics would be nice when you got them all planted up.
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                Thanks again, yeah I've worked really hard over the xmas period, had took 12 days off work and only had xmas day as a rest so far haha.....
                I was going to run some wire down the middle of the raspberries to both support them and also to sort next years wood from the current year. I already have 2 large bags of ericasious soil for the blueberries, I'm just waiting on a late whiskey barrel planter xmas present from my brother to put them in so I've potted up the smallest potted ones for now. I've just been out and used the last of the decking I bought to make another planter, 50x40cm and put one of my Chilean Guava's in there, still 2 of those to pot up too but need more decking for more planters, it's expensive trying to keep everything looking the same when I have a shedload of large pots I could use (but they just don't look as nice ).
                I plan on constantly updating my YouTube channel with the progress of the plants & bushes so most updates will be going there first but if people are interested in pictures too, that could be arranged once they all get going


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                  Speaking personally, I prefer to see photos on the thread. You Tube Videos are too time consuming to watch - as I get sidetracked onto other Vids.
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                    Yes I know what you mean, I just watched a 10 minute video on grafting while having no intention of doing so


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                      Hi and welcome to the vine,

                      That is a rather impressive starter list. Unfortunately, I am ripping my goji and honeyberries out this year IMO they are not even worthy ornamentals let alone veg. Hopefully you will have better experiences than me.

                      Other fruit to consider

                      Rhubarb (not unusual to gardeners but a big money saver over shop bought)
                      Currants red/white and black
                      Gooseberries red/green/yellow
                      Framberry (strawberry with a hint of raspberry taste)
                      Thornless blackberry
                      Trained trees

                      Yes, I know once you start the list just gets bigger

                      Have fun. I look forward to your progress
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                        Thanks NG, I'm hoping the honeyberry come good, could probably do with another variety as I've heard they produce better with different variety's about, goji is a gamble but figured why not...
                        I am going for fruits that can be plucked and eaten straight away, Rhubarb doesn't interest me, currents are too tarty (and my parents grow those on their allotment so no shortage), the Jostaberry is a gooseberry cross with currents so that kills 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak as I'm not a massive gooseberry fan either, if the jostaberries aren't to my liking they can go to my parents for jams/cakes/bakes, I don't do figs and there are that many blackberry bushes growing wild around me, I would consider it a waste of space to grow my own, the Framberry sounds interesting though
                        I just planted in my Chilean Guava yesterday, I have 2 varieties of that and am hoping they produce well, they sound interesting, anyone on here growing some and can speak about the fruits? Here is the video of planting my Guava showing the different types I have.

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                          Hi UFG, you probably don't know this yet but we don't upload videos on here as it causes problems for members.

                          You might like to delete your video before a Mod comes along as does it for you.
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                            What about Loganberry, Youngberry, Boysenberry, Worcesterberry?
                            They can all be eaten straight from the plant.
                            Then there's summer and autumn fruiting raspberries. Which do you have?
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                              Originally posted by veggiechicken View Post
                              Hi UFG, you probably don't know this yet but we don't upload videos on here as it causes problems for members.
                              I never noticed that, I can't seem to edit the post but I'll keep it in mind for future posts thanks

                              Originally posted by veggiechicken View Post
                              What about Loganberry, Youngberry, Boysenberry, Worcesterberry?
                              They can all be eaten straight from the plant.
                              Then there's summer and autumn fruiting raspberries. Which do you have?
                              I have Boysenberry on my watchlist but needed to see what space I'd have left (if any), I heard Tayberry is sweeter than Loganberry and I have 2 Tay's along with one at work which must have been there 20-30 years which has basically turned into a Huge Tayberry tree .
                              I hadn't heard of the Worcesterberry but looking it up, it sounds similar to Jostaberry which I have 3 of, it also sounds very thorny which I've tried to avoid for picking comfort. Youngberry sounds interesting and may also be added to my watchlist. Good suggestions though, a couple I hadn't heard of which I'll remember.
                              I have both summer and autumn raspberries, malling admiral and autumn bliss but they are nothing more than rooted single cane cuttings at the moment


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