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    lo all, I have a compost heap , the first 'real' one have ever had.

    I had a go as a kid and got black sludge but I have stuck a spade in and checked this one and the bottom is definately turning to rich compost.

    My main question is should I be ' turning it' I.E forking the bottom on to the top thus covering up the new and if so how often. As I use straw and wood shavings for my duck housing this compost heap is really starting to grow !

    And yes I know I Can Google compost but the experiences of my fellow Grapes would be a welcome addition :P

    Cheers Mas
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    Well, I occasionally fork through mine Ukmastiff. It lets in air they say and helps with the decomposing. It puzzles me a bit though, that if we keep bringing the bottom up to the top, we'll have to wait for the whole bin to compost before we can use it?
    If, like you, I can see it's compost at the bottom, I generally just fork through the top foot or so and stir it around. I do think that it must help when you are adding your accelerator (of whatever kind it is!)
    I have now invested in another bin, and when the first has a usable amount in it I start to fill the empty one and then repeat it with the first one. If that makes sense?
    It means that I am not digging out too much of the part broken down stuff. Although having said that, I have recently filled my runner bean trench with the part composted stuff and covered it up. Hope that helps, but I am sure there will soon be other grapes along with their versions.
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