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Help needed to diagnose hen's problem


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  • Help needed to diagnose hen's problem

    Hi all

    We have a variety of chickens and one of our Maran's has started clenching her feet like one would make a fist, and is struggling to walk with her feet like this. Today she has hardly moved and has just been lying around. She seems bright in herself and healthy in other ways, she has to be lifted up and down the ramp to go in and out. When looking at her feet you can straighten the toes and there doesnt seem to be any pain caused by doing this, or when pressure is put on the ball of her foot.

    Any suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated!!

    Many thanks


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    I would hazard a guess at something neurological. I think if she is as disabled as you describe she would be best pts to avoid suffering. You can't keep lifting a hen in and out of a hen house and the others will soon start to pick on her. there is a condition caused by retracted tendons which makes a bird lame with curled up toes but I believe this only usually affects one leg.


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      Have you checked the pads of her feet? Bumble foot?
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        If she's more of a pet than a layer, and you are happy to spend money on her- get her to the vets...then you really know what you are dealing with

        Where are you located? ...can you put your rough location into your profile?

        Here in France the vets would laugh their sox off if we went to them with that problem...infuriating isn't it???
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