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  • Lemon drop chillis


    What do people do with these? I grew 3 plants and I didn't realise how prolific they are. All 3 are still going strong and are spread all over the place. I don't how many I've already picked but alot. And I've got tons more on the plants, hundreds at a guess. The thing is it turns out I'm not massively taken with their flavour. They are sort of lemony but more I get a strong perfumey taste from them that I'm not keen on and they are fairly hot. I've given loads away, pickled some, made a fermented hot sauce and BBQd them and just ate them. And cooked with them a few times.

    Any ideas that might change my mind? I do think they are pretty haha

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    Nice to see youíve made the rookie mistake of growing to many plants .
    We all do it. Some of use are still doings it, Iíll not mention any names .
    Youíve kinda covered all the bases with what youíre doing with the chillies. Just keep making different sauces. There is a evil chilli chutney recipe that would use up quite a few. Chutney makes great ******mas gifts. They freeze well. But thatís not helpful if you donít actually like them. You could make powder.

    Seriously how can you not like lemon drop


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      Dunno why I don't like them but I've also grown way too many orange habeneros and love those so perhaps I'm just thinking they aren't as good haha. They do have a bit of a weird flavour tho. I tried to find some Peruvian recipes but failed so today made some lemon drop jam. My word its spicy! It's my best effort so far tho.

      I'll make some powder too. Though it's sorta ane more excuse to buy a dehydrator. I'll go with the oven for now


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        You're lucky. So far none of my lemon drops have germinated. Well miffed.


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          my lemon drop chilli's have never germinated either?????


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            Strange as all 10 of mine germinated. I think I got them from here: Got 10 left if you want them as dunno if I'll grow them next year.


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              I pickled mine last year - vinegar.
              Have half a jar left, and this years crop is about ready, not as many this year seems everything was slower.

              Likely do the same this year but may turn into a chilli paste and throw spoonful's into recipes. Just need a suitable recipe for chilli paste.


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