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Leggy courgette seedlings


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  • Leggy courgette seedlings

    I usually sow my courgette seeds directly into the ground later in the year, but since I had more time on my hands I’ve sown them in the house in 3” pots. They are on a south facing window sill and germinated about 10 days ago, but seem leggy - the stem is about 2-3” below the seed leaves.
    Is this ok? Should I plant them again and bury the stem? I’ve read conflicting advice about doing this.
    Should I now move them into my mini greenhouse?
    Many thanks for any advice!

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    Hi Sarah, can you pop them outdoors on calm days so they can get more light and harden off? Then transfer to your greenhouse after a few days of doing that so they don’t get a sudden cold shock?
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      Bury the stem when you plant them out. Whether you want to repot them first is up to you.
      The idea that you shouldn't bury the stem is a bit of a myth. It's only really cucumbers which are so prone to stem rots, and even for them, it's really only a concern in greenhouse borders, as you are using the same soil every year so pathogens build up. If you plant them in fresh ground or fresh compost every year, you should have no problems even with them.
      Cucurbits will root from the buried length of stem, so it's actually beneficial to plant them deep. I certainly always do. Just be careful not to press them stem too hard as you do, as it's hollow so easily crushed.


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        These are all things which will help :-):

        Bury the stem when you replant
        Bring outside into greenhouse during the middle of the day
        Put mirrors/tinfoil behind your plants where they are by the window
        Get some air circulation by your south facing window
        Avoid the area by the window getting too warm
        Put grow lights on them by the window (if you have a grow light)


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