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Frozen seedlings


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  • Frozen seedlings

    A little help please.
    I have several trays of seedlings that i germinated inside, i placed them in my brick shed on the window cill but when i went to check on them this morning one of the trays had slightly frozen soil, the seedlings look ok but have i possibly damaged them, i have leeks, cabbage, sprouts and chitting potato's am a bit concerned that i may have lost all my hard work so far.
    any advice gratefuly received
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    I'd get them back inside, you've nothing to lose by keeping them the mo, you're worried you've lost them all so those that pull through, will be a bonus.

    I think you'll find that the leeks, cabbage and sprouts are hardier than you think.... as to the chitting potatoes, move them a bit away from the cill. I'm sure someone with more experience will come along to correct me if I'm wrong
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      Hello Archerellie, that's the danger of sowing too early. The seedlings come through but then , what are you going to do with them.

      Your seedlings might be allright. But seedlings can be checked by cold - that is they just sit there and don't grow on. Sometimes they sit for a couple of weeks without growing, so you loose the advantage you thought you were getting by sowing early. Sometimes they never recover and don't grow on at all.
      I think all you can do is move them to a warmer place and wait and see.
      Good luck.

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        My greenhouse heater ran out of fuel during the night last week and I found my cabbage seedlings in ice cubes of compost in the morning brought them in to the warm and they have grown on


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          Hi bring inside straight away, Can you put a heat source out there? You need to protect from the cold or all the hard work will be wasted
          My Paraffin heater leaked last week so I had to put an eletric oil radiator in to keep everything going, If you have a min max thermometer that will help to understand the temperatures your seedlings are going through.

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