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  • Celery

    I have about 20 celery seedlings in the GH that are at the 4 true leaves stage. I could not find much info re growing them on, planting them out and any watch points.

    Is anyone growing this? any tips ?

    I have raked the soil and planted the seeds
    Now I've joined the army that fights the weeds.

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    Yeah - and I've grown it before.

    I've made a little raised bed, on top of a normal raised bed, put no soil in it and planted out 16 seedlings very close to each other - about the width of a bunch of celery apart in fact. These are then being earthed up as they grow.

    I've used the rest of the seedlings and made a square moat around a swiss chard, and planted them evenly around it at the bottom of the moat. The soil will soon fall down and fill the moat.

    Celery likes to be kept watered, so if I only water one thing when I go into the garden it is the celery.

    It has to be grown close together to blanch itself, or to be earthed up or covered using loo rolls or newspaper cuffs/collars to blanch it as it grows.

    If it doesn't get the water it goes stringy. If it isn't blanched it is green and hard.

    So, this is my final attempt this year at growing it.

    Hopefully someone will be along soon with more hints and tips.


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      It's very greedy apparently too, like well manured soil and regular feeding.
      I only grow mine for soups and stews, not to eat raw, so i don't mind lots of leaves and tough stalks.
      Having said that, mine were a bit crap last year, they got attacked by some burrowing creature, so I've put cardboard collars round them this year to see if that makes any difference.
      Can't hwlp with eating celery sorry.


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        Celery isnt an easy crop to grow successfully. Very thirsty as has been mentioned, as well as needing regular feeding.
        They need a sunny area, with rich soil, dig humus in to the area if this hasnt already been done.
        Once you have about 5 or 6 leaves they are ready to be planted out after being hardened off if grown under glass.
        Self blanching varieties can be planted in a block as mentioned by Zazen, trench varieties should be set about 9" apart, About 3" deep, or up to the first leaves, then fill the trench with water after planting. It is very difficult to over water celery, so dont be scared of chucking the stuff at it.
        Having tried both varieties with very limited success, I would suggest the self blanching option is easier, but only just. Very difficult crop to grow well, but if you dont try you will never know.
        Good luck.
        Bob Leponge
        Life's disappointments are so much harder to take if you don't know any swear words.


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          I couldn't even get my celery to germinate... tried it for the first time this year and used up a whole packet of seeds on three separate attempts.

          We sow the seed, nature grows the seed, we eat the seed. (Neil, The Young Ones)


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            i htink it's just that celery is like celeriac, very slow growing until it has quite a few leaves. then you just have to not look for a few days [quite a few days] at a time, then be pleasantly surprised...


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              Thanks everyone. Reading the above I am very pleased that mine has germinated and is growing well - so far.
              Listening to what you have all said. Could I use a very large plastic deep trough to grow it in? I could place on a sunny patio (close to water but) and be sure to see to its needs of earthing up and lots of water?

              I have raked the soil and planted the seeds
              Now I've joined the army that fights the weeds.


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                Should be ok, don't forget the depth of root as well as the length of celery if that makes sense, and regular feeding also.


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                  Thanks Taff. I will allow for root and plant near the bottom of my plastic crate/trough, then it should be easy to keep them earthed up.

                  I have raked the soil and planted the seeds
                  Now I've joined the army that fights the weeds.


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