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  • Celery and Gooseberries

    Hi all,

    This morning I went to a car boot sale and brought home a celery plant and a gooseberry plant. Im not sure how to plant either, can anyone give me some advice?

    I hate slugs!!

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    Celery is difficult to grow, and I dont imagine you will know if its a self blanching one or not.
    Assume it is, as I believe more and more are being bred and sold like this. You can plant it as the lump that it is, about 3 inches deep or so, or up to the first set of leaves. Ensure there is compost/manure of some description in the soil and water well. Keep watering well, celery is a really really thirsty vegetable and is very demanding.
    Try and keep any soil away from the celery heart as you are working.
    Water some more (get the picture with the water?)
    Just to reiterate, celery is a difficult veg to grow well, so dont be too disheartened if it doesnt work.

    Goosegogs. Its a bit late to be planting really, if its in a pot you might want to consider leaving it there this year until the winter. They will grow in partial shade, but prefer a sunny spot. Try and pick somewhere that doesnt get too frosty in winter either. When you do come to plant, dig a hole big enough for the roots to spread out at the bottom, and to the same depth as it is in the pot. When I fill the hole back up, I tend to firm it down pretty will with my boots.
    Other than that, I generally apply a bit of fire ash a couple of times a year around the base of my goosegogs, and prune in winter. They are reasonably hardy and if it grows you can take cuttings next year to have more bushes.
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      I just thought I would add that they are already seedlings and im not growing them from seed, does this make a difference? Thanks for your reply bobleponge.
      I hate slugs!!


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