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Blight problem


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  • Blight problem

    Hi all, I posted in the blight thread but no one has replied so thought I would just ask here quickly.

    I think my toms have blight, but the fruit looks great. Would it be safe to take the toms of and leave them to ripen?

    Cheers all.
    I hate slugs!!

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    Hi Teamladd

    I tried doing this a couple of years ago and the tomatoes developed the blighty bits (i.e. browny shrivelled up burnt looking bits) regardless of whether they were on the plant or on the windowsill However it is always going to be worth it (better to try and lose the fruit than not to try at all - rather philisophical don't you think ) if the fruit is still looking perfect - are you 100% sure the plant has blight?
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    RtB x


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      How long since you spotted the "blight"? If it is blight and the toms look OK you would be better to crop them now and use for chutney


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        Spotted it in the last week, its such a shame a the toms look lovely. Have found brown patches on the stems. Is there anything else it could be?

        I hate slugs!!


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          Nope it'll be blight, last year I ripened a number of tomatoes post blight although some did blight I did get a reasonable percentage ripen, although I was a bit late in spotting it and lost a lot on the plants
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            My reply is the same as Robins- try it but if any start to go blighty use them immediately. I've tried it too with limited success, if they're orange it can work but green toms don't usually make it all the way to red


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              Just been and chopped them down, had to throw well over half my crop.

              Luckily I still have some toms that arent showing symptoms of blight!
              I hate slugs!!


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