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What would dig up houseleeks and why?


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  • What would dig up houseleeks and why?

    I separated and replanted some baby houseleeks at the weekend. Both of the past two nights, they've been dug up and scattered! They're on a wire shelf about three feet off the ground and the tray of other seedlings next to them is untouched. Whatever it is, isn't eating them and I'd have thought if they want something in the compost, they'd have raked through the other tray too?

    I presume the obvious candidates would be squirrel, cat, bird, perhaps even fox but why?

    Can anyone shed any light on the situation for me?
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    Maybe sparrows or blackbirds? They both have a tendency to pull & tug at vegetation? Dunno though tbh.
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      Exactly the same thing happened to our trays of newly planted strawberry runners. For four nights running something was pulling them out and throwing them on to the path.

      They've been OK since Grumpy covered them loosely with chicken wire so we suspect the blackbird.

      But why?
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        Blackbird looking for grubs is my guess. I have seen them make a right mess with plants and muck all over the place.



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          As long as they eat the vine weevil grubs they can pull up as many plants as they like.
          The problem with rounded personalities is they don't tesselate.


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