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Newbie tomato help


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  • Newbie tomato help


    This is my first season growing tomatoes and I have a problem on all of my tomato plants. As can be seen on the photo, I have little black areas appearing on the leafs. I've googled extensively but can't quite seem to find something that describes this. Initially I thought it may be a pest problem so I sprayed with a natural pesticide but the problem continues.

    Could anybody point me in the right direction to what I'm dealing with?

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Findai and welcome to the Vine
    Is this mostly on the bottom, oldest leaves? If so, don't worry, its natural. They're dying off. I cut the bottom leaves below the below the first truss of flowers/fruit off anyway.

    I don't think its a pest problem but do you feed them? If they're in compost, they need feeding after 6 weeks as all the nutrient in the compost will have been used up.
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      Mine look like that too, it's normally on the older leaves I find. I just cut them off.


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        Its the start of magnesium deficiency. Give them a good feed of tomato food (high magnesium). Don't expect the discoloured leaves to recover, but newer ones should be fine.
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          Thank you for your swift responses.

          It's good to hear that it is normal. I'm approaching fifty and never did I expect that I would worry so much about some plants! I can see that tomato growing could easily become an addiction!


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