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Potato anti sprout - Spearmint


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  • Potato anti sprout - Spearmint

    I did some research into potato anti sprout methods and I found that using Spearmint essential oil works.

    I have got Spearmint to work and I have stored potatoes in a three week trial and they did not sprout. I I bought some rooster potatoes from a supermarket and got a small plastic takeaway container and filled it it half way with water and then put 10 drops of Spearmint oil into the container, this is the best method of application and the container stays with the potatoes in an enclosed space with very little air flow.

    Don't use warm or boiling water as the Spearmint oil evaporates to quickly, room temperature is all that's needed.

    Usually farmers use a hotfog device to apply the spearmint oil. In the method I use the water evaporates very slowly in the container and potatoes prefer a high humidity in storage, I find it's best every 7 - 10 days to put 7- 10 drops of Spearmint oil as it eventually evaporates.

    One good thing about this method is that if the potatoes have already sprouted then is Spearmint will kill the sprouts and they will die off leaving a sprout free potato.

    I bought a 100ml Spearmint essential oil from the internet and it will last along time, I suggest to avoid the smaller bottles.

    I will post pics soon.

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    I have some pics of some Maris pipers that started to sprout and now have gone into reverse and you can see the small takeaway tray being used and kept with the potatoes.!AkOVS4ecr7A3ilrk...A5cC_?e=SMUwkW


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      Fascinating - thank you for this tip. I shall give it a go.


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        Thanks for the tip, I too shall give it a go. I wonder if bedding in crushed leaves will work too?


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