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Weather - local updates website + app or tweets?


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  • Weather - local updates website + app or tweets?

    Nowadays there seems to be an app for everything.

    Does anyone have a good recomendation for an online "frequent temperature watch" app or site they follow on twitter? Something that you can customise to be local.

    There are a plethora of local weather stations dotted around so I would have thought that there must be some way of tapping into that knowledge bank through one of the online mechanisms?

    Happy to hear any suggestions - thanks
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    Have you tried
    I can't be doing with apps and twitter and mobile thingamajigs - so it may not be want you want at all!
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      I'll check it out - thanks.

      Because I work an hours drive from home - and am in the delicate seeldings stage, I've to balance weather (weather - geddit ) I should transfer them to the poly tunnel at 6 in the morning (when I leave for work) where they get lots of light - but might suffer from the temperature or do I need to leave them in my office (no light but at least they won't get frost or cold shock) for the day. I don't get back till 5 in the evening so they're on their own all day.

      So it would be really useful to see what the temp is going to be for the early part of the day so it would be easier to make that call.

      I just can't nip home easily to move things during the day - so it's all in the planning...
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        I use this, it's not bad:

        Weather Watcher @
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          Not an app per se, but I use xcweather..find it good..
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            Thanks for all the tips


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