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Bordeaux fungicide,systemic or not ?


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  • Bordeaux fungicide,systemic or not ?

    I am going to have a go at mixing a Bordeaux fungicide. Does anyone know if this is a systemic or non-systemic protection ?
    I ask because I am going to nurture a mycorrhrizal(fungal) root system on my Portuguese Laurels and if this fungicide is systemic it will kill my expensive nutrient gathering network.
    Many thanks.

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    Hi and welcome to the vine

    I know it is not what you asked, but Bordeaux mix in the UK became illegal to use (not just buy) last year These things get banned for a reason.
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      Welcome to the vine. You may wish to read up on Bordeaux mix before committing to use it. Copper compounds are persistent in the soil and is (amongst other things) harmful to worms and bees.


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        I agree with both of the comments above.
        I believe that the answer to your question is that it is non systemic remaining on the outside of the plant which is why it's use was considered preventative rather than remedial.

        There are propriety allowable chemical controls for leaf spot etc.


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          Originally posted by johnjohn View Post
          I agree with both of the comments above.
          I believe that the answer to your question is that it is non systemic remaining on the outside of the plant...
          So naturally when it rains, some will wash off into the soil, to the detriment of beneficial fungi there. Any fungicide you apply to plants will eventually end up in the soil.

          What were you intending to use Bordeaux mixture on?
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            Thank you for your replies. I was thinking of protecting a row of 10 portuguese laurels that I am planting. They dont have any infections at the moment but not far away I have a mature cherry laurel hedge that is continuously racked with some fungal infection or another and was thinking of using this protection once a year to keep my new trees clear.


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              Have you thought of using a natural fungicide made from horsetail?
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                Why risk using a fungicide near where you wish to, "nurture a mycorrhrizal(fungal) root system"? would be my question. I understand there are contact and systemic fungicides I work on this theory anything with cide at the end should be outside my use in a garden. cide means kill...

                Perhaps you could wait until your cherry gets one fungal or another, photograph it and post it for the wise folk here. They may be able to tell you what it is and you could be more specific in your attack to cure the problem....

                When did you last feed you hedge? sometimes a bit of food helps make the plant strong. good pruning with cleaned tools and sharp tools too help reduce the spread and infection by succession after pruning or wounding some food for thought I hope
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